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The modern folk genre is one of the overseas representative Richie Lawrence was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma State. With the piano in his childhood he got close and it seems this is the love for a lifetime. Lawrence’s career so far, a number of musical configurations is reversed. A few years ago, he thought that a greater emphasis on the construction of his career. As a result, 2009 saw the release of his first solo album, Melancholy Waltz, which is popular with overseas editors of the folk music radio stations. The musician is not the sequel gasped, as the album’s Water had to wait for years until this year. Read/View More

Water - Richie Lawrence

Richie Lawrence was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma when Eisenhower was president. He grew up as a townie and farm boy and spent so many summers on the grassland of the family farm. But Lawrence was quite early in the musical … Read/View More