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Richie’s new record, RUE SANXAY, is mastered and ready for release in February 2015.  In the meantime, one song from the group, OVER and OVER, is featured on a new holiday compilation, XMAS TIME’S A-COMING, put together by our good friend Rob Ellen over in Scotland.  The song features Katie and Richie on vocals, with fellow YOLOS, Scott Prawalsky on bass, Bart van der Zeeuw on drums, and Matt Baxter engineering at his illustrious Baxter Ranch Recording.  Special guest, Wayne Wallace, dropped in for some trombone extraordinaire.  Check out the new tune, and Happy Holidays from the YOLOS and everyone at Big Book Records!


Photo: Katie Thomas

I have really enjoyed “WATER”.  I really like the driving rock of the first song, “Call Me Back”.  I think “Man About Town” is wonderful also, and “Pirate Kitty” made me laugh.  “Water” is really cool, but my two favorites are “Old Friends” and “Fields Where They Lay”.  Both songs are incredibly moving.  The piano is wonderful, and evocative, such a sweet poignant bluesy emotional mood, really exquisite.  Richie, you sure can tickle those ivories!  The entire album is really original, unique, very touching.  Congratulations to all of you who put it together.  I will listen to it often, and marvel at all the different moods it lays down.

John Nichols

Due to the cancelation of The Strawberry Music Festival, Ray Bonneville has added two new shows. Richie will be supporting Ray on both of these intimate house concert settings, playing wurlitzer piano and accordion. We are very pleased to announce that Richie and Katie will be opening the show on September 1st at “Cool Acoustic Music”.
Friday August 30, Ray with Richie, Bill Wagman’s House Concerts
Sunday September 1, Richie and Katie open for Ray at “Cool Acoustic Music”